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Bricks, bricks, bricks

Best vacation ever

My best friend Susan and her husband came to visit me for a few days the week of the fourth.  We had a marvelous time. I was too busy watching them enjoy themselves to take many pictures, but I have a few to share.

I took them to the Cherry Festival, shopping in downtown Traverse City, and at Nawbin Beads.  We saw a baseball game, and went hiking at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.  We drove scenic M22 (M22 is to Northern Michigan as Highway 1 is to California) and stopped at Fishtown for a bit...


I took them to the old Northern Michigan Asylum which is now the Village at Grand Traverse Commons, where we took the twilight tour into the steam tunnels and an old building which hasn't been renovated yet.  We also toured the botanical garden now located at the old Asylum's barns.


Gable end





 I spent last week at the office, trying to catch up on paperwork.  I also got a bit of work done on the mini house, I'll post progress pictures tomorrow probably.







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I keep saying the same thing - best vacation ever! It was very nice to finally get to meet your Matt, too, and see your house and pretty yard full of flowers, and play a little bit in your craft room, and especially to meet Ester! We'll be coming back up to visit again, for sure - you live in a great town in one of the prettiest parts of the country!


Love the stone work in those pictures. Though the windows/vents just seem a bit creepy to me. Glad you had a good vacation though!


My favorite part was having my bestie close enough to hug :)

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