Best vacation ever
blue bricks


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Your brickwork is turning out beautifully, but it looks like a lot of work...
worth it, though!


I really love how it looks though. It'll be gorgeous all painted up.

Nancy Enge

…said every bricklayer, ever :) Love how you’re doing the quoins!

Jodi Hippler

Um, yeah... Bricks. Love 'em, hate 'em, total time suck but worth it. Yours are looking fabulous!

It's gonna look great though!

Betsy Rogers

I feel your pain! But they sure do look fantastic! Keep up the great work!


Cheering you on! :]


They are going to look amazing finished! Especially with that gorgeous roof! Hope by now you're almost done the bricks :) I'm sure this weekend you'll knock a whole bunch more off your list!

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