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No minis this weekend


I dry fit the double-hung windows on the side of the house, then glued all the windows in place, assuming they'd all be the same depth.


They are not. 



I should have dry fit all of them, so that I could make alterations before I glued them in place.  Now I'll have to add to the depth with them in place.  Ugh.

I am mostly irked at myself for rushing, but am also a little irked at the manufacturer for the inconsistency.

While I'm contemplating a plan of action to adjust the windows I'm working on the closet door.  It's coming along nicely.




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Boo! That's the worst, after it's already glued in!


raarrr. I think we've all been there. :\


I ran into that as well. I thought it was because of the siding I'd added. Grrr argh!

This is what happens when they use windows that were originally made for another kit and they've decided to mass produce them.

Frustrating! That's a bit sloppy of them. It probably won't help you, but if it was mine and I was getting a little antsy, I'd grow a vine over it and call it done.


That is not a bad idea.

Jodi Hippler

I'm groaning for you... Can totally relate.

The closet door cut-outs are looking great, tho! And what's with the tiny (quarter scale?) furniture there on the desk? Do tell!


Hope you are able to come up with an easy-ish fix! The closet doors are going to look great, looks like you were able to get those panels to cut away cleanly.

elizabeth s

These irk-some things happen Keli but whatever you decide to do to work around it, will probably lead to an even better end product. :)


Moulding fixes all!! I've had those kinds of window issues too. Moulding, shims and wood filler for the save!!

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