Renovation update #5 1/2
Renovation update #6


From Kat...


The tropical  drink has to be added to The Beach House. The rest of the items will be perfect for the English Cottage Kitchen.  Thank you Kat, I love all of them.  :D

From my friend Elaine...


Hysterical!  Consider it on permanent display as my new fruit bowl in the middle of my dining room table.


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Okay that bowl is awesome.

I grew up with salt and pepper shakers just like those. And that tropical drink looks delicious!


Love it all!!


That arrived in record time! And after your paint incident I thought you would REALLY need it.

That bowl is hilarious!!!

Haha! Cool bowl although if it was me, I wouldn’t ever be sure to laugh or cry whenever I looked at it! And very cool mini presents, love them all, especially the tropical drink and knitted basket.


That bowl was the perfect find!


Yeah, that bowl is perfect. hahahaha :D

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