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renovation update #4


I've got all the wallpaper stripped from the kitchen and have another section of cabinets painted.  I am painting the cabinet doors on my dining room floor, which I covered in cardboard, so only have room to paint a few at a time.  I also updated Ester's breakfast bar on the bottom of the macrowave stand by placing a piece of leftover vinyl flooring atop the wood shelf, to protect it.

Before I finish painting the walls Matt is going to update the electrics for me.  There are two outlet/switch combinations on the wall.  The one to the right of the sink has the switch to the right of the outlets, so that I have to reach over the plugs to turn on the light; I'm going to have Matt flip them around.  The one to the left of the sink has a non-functioning switch (I presume it was meant for a garbage disposal); I'm going to have Matt exchange the switch for outlets, to replace this monstrosity the previous homeowners left us and we continue to use.  Ug-ih-lee.


The roofers are here.


Matt doesn't remember what color shingles we selected and I won't remind him, it's driving him nuts.  They are supposed to have the house shingled today and the garage tomorrow, then will do the fascia work.

I took the day off yesterday to give my arms a rest.  Scrape, scrub, arms are going to be buff when the reno is done!  I went antiquing.  Of particular joy is my new desk lamp, which I fell in love with about three years ago but didn't buy because I didn't have a place/use for it.  I couldn't stop thinking about it and went back for it, but it was gone.  :(   I've continued to keep my eyes out every time we've been in the antique store, but never saw it.  I found it yesterday in a different booth on a different floor. :)


I also bought a orphan etched-glass cordial, which I've assembled a small collection of over the years, a copper jelly pot which will look fantastic as a stock pot in the English Cottage Kitchen, and a tarnished silver bowl because I felt sorry for it.


The bowl polished up beautifully.  It says Tri-State 24, Ninth Place, 1960.  If a silver bowl was the trophy for ninth place I'm curious what the trophy was for first.




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Love how your cabinets look. And congrats on finding your desk lamp. It looks so pretty sitting there.


Love love love the cabinet colors, and the slight difference in depth of color was a great decision - they make your white island pop! (Hi Bob!)

And the lamp... I'm SO glad you poked around long enough to rediscover it.

Jodi Hippler

I bet your kitchen really appreciates that you are taking your time with the changes. We all like an adjustment period to ease into new realities! :O)
The cabinets look so fresh and happy!
A new roof is so exciting! It's amazing how it can transform the look of a house. I hope you get the good roofers who actually pick up after themselves without you having to say a word.
I love the treasures you've found. The shape of the lamp is wonderful, and the flowers are beautiful!
The bowl must feel like the Velveteen Rabbit at the end of the book. It is so lovely!


Your cabinets are looking gorgeous!!!


I can't believe you found the lamp! That's amazing. I love the color of the kitchen cabinets and the copper pulls - I can't wait to see the end result.

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