renovation update #4
Renovation update #5 1/2

Renovation update #5

 This post should be subtitled:  Keli's misadventure.

 I had plans to finish the kitchen this weekend so that I could show it off this morning in all of its new glory. Saturday morning all I had left to do was paint the cupboards above the laundry machines, touch up and reinstall the baseboards, hang the last of the kitchen cupboards that I'd gotten painted during the week, and install a new kitchen faucet.

I spread an old sheet over the washer and dryer, walked into the dining room, picked up the gallon of primer, and, shaking it while I walked across the kitchen, dropped it in the middle of my kitchen floor.  The lid came off, primer went everywhere.  Based on what's left in the can I'd estimate a half gallon spilled on the floor, ran under the stove, and spattered upward.  Lots of spattering upward.  There is only one newly painted cupboard door which isn't now freckled.  It spattered onto the stove, refrigerator, the newly painted walls, the countertop, the new window, the clean dishes in the drainboard...I could go on, but I'm sure you get the picture.

I got as much of the primer up as quickly as I could, then poured dishwater onto the rest of the puddle so that it didn't dry.  Because I'm short my pajamas bottoms drag the ground, so I pulled them off before they started smearing the mess.  Picture me, in my underwear, on my hands and knees with a pile of rags, sliding around on a soapy floor like a fawn on an iced pond, hand bleeding into the mess because the bottom edge of the stove slit the tops of my fingers open (but I can't stop I have to get the primer up), bawling and hiccuping while I frantically scrub because I might have ruined my pretty new floor, and because the more I wipe the further the white cloud is spreading out.

Luckily, I did get all the primer off the floor.  It was then that I thought to myself I should have grabbed the small shop-vac out of my studio.

Sunday I cleaned primer speckles off all the appliances and countertops, rewashed all the dishes, etc.  Now I only have to figure out how to get the screen out of my new window so that I can clean it, and touch-up paint the walls and cabinets, then I'll be back to where I was Saturday morning.  Maybe I'll have the kitchen done after this next weekend.

This is where it stands now.  Zoom in on the cupboard above the bananas or the drawer below.








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OH MY GOD! I'm so sorry! It feels like there's nothing worse than a catastrophe of your own making. I have lots of experience with this.

But your floors and everything are okay now? I can't quite see all of the floor in your pictures. How are your fingers?


The floors are fine, even under the stove where I really had to scrub. My fingers are fine too. The only casualty (so far) was the trash can, but I needed a new one anyway.

I didn't sleep well Saturday night, and it took a good part of the day Sunday to come down from the panicked, hours long adrenaline rush. My back is sore and the heels of my hand feel like they should be black and blue, but I survived.


This just makes me so sad for you!
There's nothing worse than having so much hard work detoured by accident, and having your optimistic plans derailed by having to backtrack to clean up a huge mess.

I'm glad you are slowly getting it all redone, but I'm feeling very bummed for you.


I'm feeling very bummed for me too. :(

elizabeth s

What a sickening experience for you Keli and although your description of the accident has made the telling of it light and humorous, I know that it was very un-funny at the time this all occurred.
I am relieved to learn that you were able to get all the primer paint cleaned up - WHEW- what a relief!

Nancy Enge

You win for biggest mishap — far, far worse than the pint of salsa that launched itself out of my fridge and across the floor and cabinets. Poor little bunny!

Oh Keli, this sucks. Having done a lot of the work on our house when it was built plus maintenance since then, I can say with 100% confidence that I share your pain. It often feels like 2 steps forward, one back. If it makes you feel better, my friend’s son dropped a tin of red paint on new carpet. I hope you had a relaxed Sunday to get over the shock. Sending good vibes across the ocean for no more mishaps. Xx


On new carpet?!? Egad. Thank goodness none of my primer splashed as far as where the vinyl meets the carpet in the corner of the kitchen.

Thanks for the good vibes, I'm feeling them. :)

Jodi Hippler

Let's face it... LIFE REALLY SUCKS @$$ SOMETIMES!!!!!
This is definitely one of those times.
Says the girl who spilled a whole gallon of bleach on the newly installed carpet in her rental apartment in 1994. The cost to replace it was the equivalent of one month's rent. Sucked. Hard.
I am sending zen like vibes, and hoping that by this weekend the event will be erased like it never even happened.


My heart goes out to you! That’s beyond terrible.


Ugh. I would have cried, too. :[ Sending you lots of hugs!

Betsy Rogers

Ow Ow ow....!!! I am so glad to hear that the floor was saved! What a nightmare! I hope you have recovered from the ordeal! The cupboards will look wonderful when they are all done..... I love the blue!

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