Renovation update #6
Renovation update #8

Renovation update #7

The arborists were here yesterday. Now I can show you the before and after pic of the exterior.

 August 6th...

DSCN5333 (2)

October 27th...


Mine enemy the half dead, scraggly pine tree has been vanquished.  I wish they would have let me wield the chainsaw for the last cut, it would have been very satisfying.  I did do a little dance on the stump.

The rest of the trees have been trimmed, most noticeably the pines between ours and the neighbor's house.  They were drooping on the roofs, especially in the winter, now the lowest limbs are ten feet above the highest peak.  Our neighbor is very happy!  The other trees had dead limbs and suckers removed; an oak, a maple, and the locust had limbs removed that were hanging over the roof.

You can see the new windows, door and roof.  I like the new shingle color.  Still on the to-do list is new seamless gutters and a new garage door.  I imagine I may have to move a few plants next summer, I'll have to see how the shade loving plants in front of the house fare now that the pine is gone.  We are  going to plant a new tree, a little further out in the yard; a magnolia, I'm thinking, but I have to wait until spring.  



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elizabeth s

With the pine tree gone your lawn will probably grow better too, without all of those dropping needles.


And the driveway and sidewalk won't be needle covered, and I won't constantly be picking them up off the entryway floor...


Nice! Love the new door.

Jodi Hippler

What a transformation! The roof is a nice color complement to the surrounding landscape, and the house just looks fresh and happy! I am surprised, though, that the shutters aren't in the blue family...


Love the new look!! Where will the chipmunks hang out now, though? And will the squirrels turn red from sunburn without the shade?


Love the transformation! :D

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