Renovation update #7
Back in my studio


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Now you should build a miniature version! Where are you going to put the shelf for antiques?


The only available wall space is across from the back door. I wish had somewhere more prominent, but I don't...but I have them for my enjoyment, and I'll still see them every day there.


Love how it looks! It's gorgeous!


Hehe... I see your dining room chairs that I have too!


We have good taste. :)


Hello Kelly,
It looks wonderful. It is so airy and cheerful. Well done!
Big hug


I love it!!! Well done! :D

It looks great Keli. And there is the sense of achievement and satisfaction in having it all done and renewed. And your chairs match the cabinet colour?


The chairs are close to the same color but they don't match. What's funny is that my husband doesn't like the colors of chairs and I need to paint them, but yet my husband picked the colors for the cabinets. I don't get it either.


Hi Keli, Just doing a bit of catch up on blogs. Congratulations on almost completing your kitchen refresh. It must feel good to get it done. It will make such a difference to your light levels now that the big tree in front has been removed.
Next year you will be able to put in something more suitable.

Renovations never seem to finish , it seems the domino effect takes over.
All the best regards,

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