Renovation update #8
Book progress

Back in my studio

There is one month to go until the Creatin' Contest deadline. My husband thought it would be a real shame if, after all the work I put in earlier in the year, I didn't enter the contest. I agreed, but mostly I need a break from stripping wallpaper. I put the home reno on hold for now and have cleaned up my studio enough to get in there to work. I am going to do a hard push this month to see if I can get it finished.  Right now I'm busy making a billion little teeny tiny books.



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I love that you're back on track for the contest - Matt is a very wise man!


He's absolutely right. Plus when your house is in chaos its nice to have some order and making tiny books is always good right?

Love the round bookshelf/table.

Nancy Enge

Good to see you back in Toyland, lass.

elizabeth s

Stripping wallpaper and making tiny books both require focus and concentration and both are pro-active but only ONE is the most fun!

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