painting the roof
April Wright Pottery

birthday siding

When I was making the yucca I was wishing I had more shades of green markers.  It's my birthday today, so I treated myself.  I also got a trio of brown and a couple of grays.

DSCN5528 (3)

I got one side wall and the bottom front wall sided yesterday.  My thumb hurt from squeezing the glue bottle, so I took a break for lunch about 1:00 then fell asleep on the couch after eating and slept for the rest of the day.  The cocktail of antihistamines and steroids I've been on for the last couple of weeks has really  messed up my sleep schedule.  My doctor told me I had the worst case of sinusitis she's ever seen without any infection.  That is not some kind of award I wanted to win.

DSCN5528 (3)

Hopefully I'll get the rest of the building sided today.


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Happy Birthday to you!! That is a wonderful selection of greens! I'm addicted to Copic markers and their refills, but I bet the refills would work for the Promarkers, too - close enough colors to match, and no need to replace the markers when they run out. I get mine from Dick Blick at half the store price and free shipping. And boo on sinusitis. I'm in that same boat. :-(


Happy birthday! I'm still in love with that blue.

Hope you're feeling better.

Jodi Hippler

Happy Birthday Keli! Hope you kick the cruddy stuff soon!

Nancy Enge

What?! Birthday? Well, happy happy!
But so sorry about the sinusitis; what misery.
Congratulations on the more markers. It makes me happy just to look at them. I’m still searching for a particular shade of green that I feel should be obvious, but so far isn’t available from W+N. Might have to start sending them color swatches.
What better day to celebrate than the day on which we were born?


Very happy birthday!


Hello Kelli,
Happy belated birthday! The siding looks great.
Big hug

A belated happy birthday Kelli! Sorry you are still sick, but the house is pulling together nicely. Not long to go now!

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