siding almost done
pencil case prototype

porch, roof, marker set prototype


The porch floor is done, and I think I've solved my problem with the roof, which, as a bonus, negates my having to trim the skylight.  I ran out of black duct tape before I could finish.

Protype #1 of a marker set.  After I'm done with the build I'll design prototype #2 for the cricut so I can get something precise and repeatable.



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Wow! You're really moving on the library now - that succulent roof looks great! And the marker set looks very realistic!


I really like the marker set! And the living roof looks wonderful! Can't wait to see more!


You are full speed ahead right now!

That roof looks beautiful. I love the contract with the brick, wood and plants

Nancy Enge

Those markers are ADORABLE.

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