April Wright Pottery
porch, roof, marker set prototype

siding almost done

All the siding is on, I need to clean up the corners yet.  I installed the siding with an overlapping butt join on the corners, but some overlap a bit too much and need to be sanded down and have the ends stained.


I had envisioned, originally, the edges of the roof trimmed in the same siding, but will leave as is unless I have time, before the deadline, once everything else necessary is done, to do that.  As it is now the roof is too thin and simple looking for my liking, but, on the other hand, it's not awful.

Next on my list is to finish the porch floor and trim out the skylight.


The hole for the skylight is larger than necessary.  I installed it with the trim on the ceiling side, so I could line it up with the striped ceiling paper.  Once it was dry I flipped it over and filled in the gaps with wooden coffee stir sticks and wood glue.  I need to decide how to trim it out on the exterior.


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I love your wood siding. It's so rich looking.

And strangely it reminds me of toffee so now I'm hungry.

It's looking great overall. Really want to see it all put together.

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