Landscaping progress
Almost done


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Oh no! Are those your fingerprints? Must have happened when you were staining the platform?

I'm sure you'll find a creative way to deal with it so that we won't even know it happened.

No worries!


Oh man! That stinks. Can you match the color with paint to cover it up?

Or... maybe the library has a roof leak that's gotten to the walls? Water and tea and coffee would blend into it nicely and they make good stains.


I would blame the guys who laid the carpet!

Jodi Hippler

Oh boy! Been there, done that. I'll be repairing my handrail and balusters on the New Orleans staircase since I absent-mindedly set a friggin' box on them. Your paint touch up looks easier. Wanna trade?


Magic eraser?? If it’s stain maybe some paint thinner on a q-tip. It’s worked on life sized scale object for me!


No tradesies! But I've done that same thing before, too, Jodi. :(

I've already got the stains covered up now, but you guys will have to wait for the reveal.


Hello Kelly,
That is so frustrating! Is it water based? I hope it will be an easy fix.
Big hug,

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