pencil case prototype
Landscaping progress

landscaping begun

I cut a board for my base then stained it ebony.  The board has a rough side and a smooth side, but I am using it rough side up because it's interesting.


I always put rubber feet on the bottom of my projects, but this base board was too thin to screw them into, so I used machine screws, washers and nuts, which left hardware protruding upward. 

Air dry clay would have made excellent rocks to cover the exposed hardware, but I didn't have any on hand.  I did have some styrofoam balls, Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty, and alcohol inks.



I used the leftover water putty to smooth out the rough area in front of the porch, where the sidewalk will go.

While that was drying I filled in the planter boxes.  The electrics are hiding in the long one, so it needs to be able to be lifted out.  I cut a thin piece of basswood to fit then topped it with a layer of foam core board.  I used two nuts and bolts as handles.  So that they aren't too obvious I covered the exposed metal with torn strips of brown colored masking tape, so they would look like trunks.


You'll notice that I also added another layer to the roof.  It's foam core board covered with black tape.  The roof looks thick enough now.  I should probably go over the edges of the tape with a black marker so that the lines aren't obvious.


I glued in the large foundation plants before I went to bed.  I left them to dry overnight, and this morning will fill the boxes in with the same succulents I used on the roof.

Hopefully I can get the landscaping finished today.  Once that's done I need to put together the smaller journal kits Nancy sent to finish the bookcase, then can start moving the furniture inside and placing accessories.  Oh, and I need to have my husband fix my power strip so that the lights work.

I'm getting very close to done!  I need to have it ready before the end of the week, so that I take it over to the botanical park next weekend for a photo shoot.


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I really like the beginnings of your plants and how they'll fill the planter boxes! The roof looks more substantial as well and I think that adds to the realism a bit.


I'm especially loving the way that the blue brick stands out against the wood behind it. Love those plants, too, you clever girl!

elizabeth s

I like you roof modifications Keli and I'm excited to see how the landscaping will look too :)

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