Ad Hoc photo booth
Submission pictures


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Are they critiquing? Adorable, both of them, and this is the first time I've got a good size perspective of the library. I know, 1/12th scale, but it's still bigger than I expected.

Nancy Enge

HAH! Wonderful pics!
Couldn’t help notice the name :)
‘Grats on completion


You weren't supposed to see that until tomorrow!

elizabeth s

I think that these are adorable photos Keli but that first one with your daughter and the cat both hunkered over the wall is Priceless!
The Finished landscaping is WONDERFUL! :D


I love that first picture.


Love both of them leaning into the house! That's just awesome.


I love the 2nd photo of them both peering into the same window (or the same area as so it seems). Must be an enchanting view!


That's my favorite picture too, Kate.

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