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Susan A. Nancy Horticultural Library


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Ooohhh! Very nice! Love how everything looks! Plenty of light to read and good chairs. And most important a ton of books!


Beautiful on the outside, warm, cozy, and inviting on the inside! Everyone who sees it is going to wish they were there! You make it look easy. <3

Jodi Hippler

Just lovely Keli! The interior photos pull you into the room and make you want to spend time there. I like the modifications you made to the structure - the building could be easily mistaken for the model of a real one. Good luck in the contest!

elizabeth s

What a Terrific Grand Finale Keli ! :D
I love the look of the entire building as you approach it, and the low maintenance garden and green roof which are both Really Special!
The interior is cosy and appears to be well utilized with all of the research books open on the table and/or stacked on the shelves. The lighting and the seating look comfortable as well as intimate.
I would Most Certainly like to pay a visit here if I am ever in town, so thanks for letting me discover this Hidden Treasure with you! :D
and Wishing you all the Best in the HBS contest


Thanks, everyone! :D


Well done, it all looks beautiful!

Well done Keli, it really does look amazing. The landscaping is just fantastic!


Another gorgeous build! Your details are always superb, and what a marvel to get this done with all the chaos of real life renovation. Best of luck to you! :D

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