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Susan A. Nancy Horticultural Library



The exterior is clad in wooden rustic siding strips, stained with Zar Golden Oak, and egg carton brick, painted Thalo Blue, not grouted.  The additional exterior walls and planter boxes were built from foam core board, to keep the weight down.  The signage was cut on my Cricut, from adhesive vinyl, placed on pieces of mat board.  The sidewalk was made from cork, and the plants are plastic, from the craft store.


The wall hanging plant was a gift from a new miniaturist friend, Deborah.  The birdbath was made by April Wright, I filled the basin with clear resin and mounted it on a "concrete" plinth so as not to obscure the base, though the plinth should have been a bit shorter.  The tiki planter is from Charlene's estate (no maker's mark on it), as is the light fixture.  The two garden orbs are a large marble and a metal lamp finial.


On the shelf above the room, the checkers board, lamp and folk art piece are from Charlene's estate.  The little house was a gift from my best friend Susan.  I made the smoke detector from a white button and two small rhinestone stickers. The two paintings to the right of the rare books cabinet are also from Charlene's estate.  I meant to make a botanical print to go there but ran out of time.

Inside the front door is a coffee bar and a bathroom.  You can catch glimpses through the bathroom door from the right angle, but that room is closed off.  It was supposed to be lit, but I forgot to put the light bulb in the sconce before I installed it and didn't discover the error until it was too late to rectify.

Inside the entry, the broom is from Marquis Miniatures, the wastebasket was a gift from Nancy Enge, the clock a gift from blog reader and friend  Bridget.  The coat and hat are from Charlene's estate, the rest are mass produced pieces.  The tile floor is made from paper rectangles glued to a cardboard template.  I made the cupboards, counter, shelf and mini fridge.  The shelves are inset into a window hole I didn't want to place a window in.  The glass container holds peppermints made by Blake at The Miniature Bazaar.  The most attractive mug was made by April Wright, as were the two in the main room.  One of the sconces arrived broken, but instead of returning it I used it as is.  I added colored resin to the coffee pot, as well as the two coffee cups in the main room.


DSCN5656 (2)

DSCN5656 (2)

DSCN5656 (2)

The brass vent cover on the wall above the window was a gift from Pepper.  The two wooden chairs, the white console table, the clock on the wall between the windows, the painting next to the brass lamp, and the black lamp on the center table are from Charlene's estate.  The rest of the furniture came from my stash, with the exception of the two Chrysnbon chairs, which were a gift from Susan.  The carpet is an upholstery fabric remnant, the wallpaper is textured cardstock.

The leather purse and suede backpack where made by Jo-Ann Shaw.  The clock shelved in the bookcase is from D Tales Miniatures.  I made the brass lamp, the modern lamps are from  The landscape painting partly obscured by the yucca was painted by Mike A.  The yucca plants were made from Nancy Enge's kits.


The iPhone is from LiLu Minature.  The Reese's was a gift from Deborah (that's my daughter's favorite candy bar).  I made the pencils by coloring and whittling pieces of spaghetti.  The coffee mug is from April Wright, the open books from Little Things of InterestNancy Enge made the open journal.  The other journal, file folders and folio were made from Nancy's kits.  I made the closed book.


I made the suede journal and the succulents.  The file folders are from Nancy, the wooden tray the succulents are planted in is from artbase.


Susan made most of the books on the bookshelf.  Kat made a few, I made the rest.  The journals, folios and vertical file holders were made from Nancy's kits.  Nancy resized the original journal down a bit to make some that would fit on the lower shelves, she now sells both sizes.  Nancy, thank you (again!) for doing that so quickly so that I could meet the deadline!  I made the majority of the books on the round bookcase because the shelves were so short only a few of the books Susan sent would fit.

Let's see, what did I miss?

Oh!  There is a pair of wee red spectacles I bought the last time I went to the Bishop Show in Chicago, from Dollhouse Isako.


 I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Let me know if you have questions.

One last picture, because I really like how the electric and gas meters turned out.





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Omg!! The details are amazing! I think this is your most realistic build yet, and that's saying a lot. The plug-in outlet up on the shelf caught my eye this time, and the tiny red glasses ( I'm pretty sure I remember you buying those with a "someday I'll find the perfect spot for them" in mind, and you did! ), and so many small details that blow me away! Well done, Bestie! <3


I love it! Just gorgeous and all the details! I really like the circle and squares art on top of the big bookshelf and that little painting above the book cabinet next to it.

Those glasses are awesome. And I love how it looks like someone just walked away for another cup of coffee and will be right back to their research.

Jodi Hippler

I love the landscaping! It is so full and varied in color and texture, all balanced and visually pleasing. A building that a passerby would certainly notice and be happy to see!

I really enjoy the counter texture, and imagine it's coolness to the touch.

The interior is so packed with detail, I imagine I am just arriving as the person occupying the space has just left for a moment to use the restroom. I can feel the warmth of the sun coming through the windows and smell the aroma of furniture polish and books.

The bookshelves are arranged in such a way that lets you see that the books are not just for display, but actually in use on a regular basis - I really like that.

The suede journal is so perfect. It is my favorite thing and I have coveted it since the first time I saw it. To hold it's soft and tiny form in my hands...

I also love the mix of furniture pieces. So much character there, and each piece is not placed to fill a space, but belongs there.

Really excellent work, Keli! I have truly enjoyed taking this journey with you and I wish you the best of luck in the contest!


I thought I recognized that clock!!

It really is great Keli. You have such an amazing vision for seeing what you want to acheive from the start and then achieving it. Brilliant. Good luck with the contest!


This is fantastic, all the little details, the outer walls and colors and the garden, I love it!


Keli, what an incredible piece! Seeing it all finished and photographed... I'm just in love! The signage is fabulous, cutting it out on the Cricut was so smart. And I love the font you picked. I honestly wasn't too sure about the blue bricks early on - but all finished and paired with that siding, and the combination is a real showstopper! So unique. The plants all have a blue-green that compliments everything too and I love the different heights of the planters. You have such a great design eye!
The books are detailed and magical. Love the ones on the table with the hand-drawn pages! How difficult that must have been! It looks so lived in and inviting. And you can see all the hours that went into this (on top of a real house reno no less!!) Congrats Keli!

Mad for Mod

Wow, Keli! You did it again...another piece of perfection! It looks amazing and the details are to die for!


I'm late to the party (as usual). It came out excellent! Thanks for all the shout outs, I love seeing the mug filled with coffee. There are so many fantastic details here, I see something new every time I look. Bravo my friend!

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