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I am on vacation!  I don't have to be back in the office until January second.  Whoo-hoo!

I've got a few small projects lined up....


As executor of Charlene's miniature estate, I need to pack her fishing gear and send it to its new home.


I'm assembling a wee metal model kit.


Nancy sent me some play things.


I bought some feves from ValueARTifacts.  I can see this becoming somewhat of an addiction.


We have a new dining room table to assemble.  It was my husband's grandmother's kitchen table.  It is believed that my husband's grandfather made it for her, but we're not certain.  Matt's brother inherited it, but he died just after Thanksgiving.  He was in poor health and much pain, so his passing was a kindness, though we will miss him very much.


I have a new toy to play with.  Guthrie was a Christmas gift from a coworker.


I've finished designing the marker set and pencil case (I think).  Lots of math and spatial imagining were involved.  If they assemble as intended when I cut them out later today I'll do a happy dance.


Ester requires some extra attention.  Now that it's cold outside she's staying in, and she's a bit stir-crazy.  She'll be glad to have me home to play with and sleep on.  For additional lap-time I bought a set of books that were some of my favorites when I was a girl, The Borrowers.  Paper books, not e-books, because I can't relive a bit of my childhood with a reader app.  I've always thought I'd do a Borrrowers build, perhaps next year's contest kit will lend itself to the concept.

I hope you all enjoy the holiday season and get to spend some quality time with your loved ones.  Virtual hugs from me to you :)



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You're going to have a great vacation with all those fun projects! And a Borrowers build would be so much fun to watch you work on. Lol at the Ester pic - she looks like she's got a touch of cabin fever there!

Sheila L

Merry Christmas Keli! Can't wait to see how your model and the cases turn out. Guthrie is awesome looking. He and Freddie can enjoy the library together while you work.

Poor Ester. At least she has a box to play with. That's always fun.

Nancy Enge

Hah! I see what you did there, with the bot :D
YAY vacations, and bound paper books. A best possible combination.
Condolences for your family’s loss. That table has a new layer of meaning now. Wood remembers :)
Feves: sorry, yes, compulsive. But now we're feve-twins! (tomato and boar casseroles)
Eagerly awaiting your marker and pencil cases results. Impressive screen shot.
Your executorship of Charlene’s estate makes me swoon. It pleases me to imagine — and hope — that all of our collections will one day live on in new hands.
Cat in a Box: we have a similar scene in our living room. Quality (and with 3 cats, quantity) time!
Please, go play some more.

elizabeth s

I love Guthrie! Your co-worker knew Exactly what to give you and how nice is that? :D
Figuring out the assembly of the table will be right up your alley Keli and I am glad that the table went to you and your husband, where it will continue to be treasured and will keep the brother's memory with you.
Blessings for a Wonderful Christmas and for a Very Happy New Year too!

p.s. I think that The Borrower's idea sounds like A LOT of FUN, in the meantime enjoy re-reading the book :)

Ooo spooky coincidence! I was browsing pinterest earlier this week just gone and a picture started me thinking about a little borrower type house. I loved the Borrowers too, and the String family. Enjoy your break and have a lovely holiday.

Betsy Rogers

Merry Christmas and Happy Vacation! It looks like you will be having fun!


Hi Keli,

Nancy seems to know what - feves - are, but alas, I can't attach any meaning to the word. Please enlighten me?

[Btw, I loved the library. ]

Have a nice Xmas,


Just follow the link, Pernille. :)


Hi Keli, A quick swing by to wish you all the best for Christmas and the New Year.
I do hope you do as you wish during your Christmas break. Fun is so refreshing!
All the best.
Regards Janine


I found this link useful, too!




Jodi Hippler

Hope your Christmas was a Happy one! And there's nothing as good as a little time away to play! Looks like you're making the most of it! Have fun!

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