Beginning the garden

Do not go where the path may lead

The garden path looked good on graph paper, but crowded and unnecessarily complex in place.

Freddie will demonstrate...


The path is just barely wide enough to walk on.


 There is no room to kneel down to tend a plant.

I will reduce the paths to one.  No straight lines, though.  And I will keep it narrow, since it's not really going to need tending, because there isn't much planting area as it is.


Nancy:  B is for batrachophobia.



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Hello Kelly,
I agree that the path was a little too took attention away from the house, and it such an amazing building. I think the simpler path will work much better...good call!
Big hug


Poor Freddie, he looks seriously traumatized.

Giac is right, I think the simpler path will work better. It'll give the visual effect you want without taking over the garden and detracting from your plants.


The simpler path is just right!

And I know a toad in the garden is a very good thing... usually!
But whew!

Nancy Enge

Hahhahahahahahaha. (batrachophobia)

elizabeth s

Makes sense to me to and the toad IS frightening!


I've enjoyed Freddie no end! Who IS he? Should I know him?


Although you may not recognize him, I'm sure you know him.


Ah... a Freddie Mercury doll, to be sure. He's doing sterling work, posing for you!

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