Second bouquet
thatching concluded

faux fur Friday

I had to order faux fur online because the local fabric store didn't have any with deep enough pile.  Does faux fur have pile like carpet has pile?  Is that the right word?  You know what I mean.

A couple people have emailed about the method; I am following instructions from Glorious Twelfth, as I did when I thatched the Chantilly.

I started by designing and cutting a ridge cap pattern with the cricut.



Then, per instructions, I shaved down a piece of the fur (I used double-stick tape to secure it to the paper template).


I started with a number three guide, thought it was still too long to show the detail of the pointed bits in the pattern, then went down a couple of steps to 1/8".   Now it might be too short and I might redesign the pattern, but I'll set it aside for now and move on.

 My lap is covered in hair...

Then I made patterns to cut the roof pieces....


...then cut, then glue, then wait overnight for it to dry.



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elizabeth s

Looks like the "mop top" of a 1960's rock singer so I'm sure the fur is headed for Stardom!

Nancy Enge

Looks really good so far; I think you can add 'dedicated thatchist' to your list of credentials. I still miss Glorious Twelfth, so I went and skim-read her lengthy tutorial. The varnish part seems key?


I miss her too!

I'm waiting for stain to dry now, then on to varnish. Varnish IS key. Photos tomorrow.


Looks really good so far! Why am I laughing at this post??


Because you can tell I hadn't had enough coffee when I wrote the post.


Looks great so far! I think trimming it down yourself is really the best way to get the right length. I can't wait to see more photos. :)

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