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Odds and ends and freezing

The English Cottage Kitchen is back in my studio to have its roof thatched.  This time I used a coir mat as a base and am gluing the coconut fibers over that.  It is a very messy job, and very burny ouchy, as I'm using a hot glue gun.


Before the holiday break I took my paint chips to the yarn store to purchase yarn in my new reno colors.  A friend turned the yarn into this...


It was supposed to be mainly teal but ended up mainly neutral because the teal and berry yarns were a slightly lighter weight than the neutrals.  I did know to check the labels to make sure they were the same there, but did not know to compare the actual yarns.  No matter, I love it, it looks fantastic in my living room, and it's long enough to cover my tall husband without his feet poking out the bottom.

I also got a hat, scarf, and stocking, because she was on a roll and bored.  Another co-worker got a hat too.

Nothing else has gone on in the home reno, and I feel a bit guilty for not stripping wallpaper in the dining room during Christmas break.  I would like to have that done before the spring, when it will get warm enough to paint again, but that's a few months away yet.  It's still freezing cold here...below freezing.  Brrr.


Have you ever received a much too large box from Amazon with only a couple small things in it and a ton of packing paper?  Ester loves it.  It's a playground wonderland.


I could make a life sized version of Nancy's yucca plant with all this paper.




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Hello Kelly,
The roof is off to a great start and the throw is just beautiful. I admire your friends talent.
I hope Ester is having fun!
Big hug


Love the roof! And Ester looks like she's having a blast. My crazy furbabies do the same thing, with some arguing over who gets to be in the box and who gets to play with the paper.

Sorry it's so cold there. This is the time to snuggle under the blanket, not work on wallpaper. We're warming up here but for Texas its still pretty chilly. A balmy 28 degrees this morning.


LOVE that throw - love those colors together!!

You should just take another week off of work and stay home building paper forts with Ester.
She's a pro at it!

elizabeth s

I always loved your English Kitchen Keli and from what I can see, the thatched roof is looking Great.
Your new crocheted throw looks very cosy and perfect for the low temperatures you are currently experiencing, but I hear you regarding a coverlet needing to be long enough to covered The Feet- ABSOLUTELY!
Stay warm!


Nice throw. My grandmother used to make those for all of her grandchildren. I still have a few stashed away in the linen closet. And though I have far less cause for complaint than you do, I'm cold too. It snowed in Tallahassee, which is only a couple of hours from here. That is not supposed to happen!

Jodi Hippler

Such pretty colors in the throw, and so nice to have a handmade and useful gift! I am excited to see how the thatching progresses - it looks intimidating to me!
Ester has added a new meaning to "recycling"! Woodson is the popper of all the Amazon air pillows in our house - he gets really excited hoping there will be some inside as I open the packages.

Mad for Mod

It's been really friggin' cold here too, we've also been in the negative temps. It's a good time to stay indoors and work in minis!

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