Odds and ends and freezing
Still playing with flowers

Play Day

Right about here I decided that no amount of trimming in the end was going to keep the coconut fiber thatched roof from looking awful.







I'm going to buy some faux fur instead.


Will the cricut cut tissue paper to make peonies?  Kind of.  Can I get the cut pieces off without destroying them in the process?  No.  Did I ruin my light grip mat?  Maybe.



Will the cricut cut leaves from thin fiberous paper?  Yes.  Will it score them first?  No.  Can they then be shaped with a stylus?  I haven't tried yet, but suspect not.  Should I have tried this with flower petals instead?  Definitely, but I only had a green colored piece of this type of paper.



New feves...


...and Guthrie's friend Julien.



I got out the 1:144 scale Queen Anne kit I started then gave up on in November of 2016.  I spread it all out, found I was missing a piece but could do without it, decided what needed to be done to fix the mistakes I made painting the windows, and rediscovered the damaged siding the kit arrived with.  I threw the whole thing in the trash can.  Project complete.



I pulled out one of Nancy's echeveria kits, threw the instructions over my shoulder, and just played.



I need to play more today, I'm not done yet.


I exchanged a few emails today with another miniaturist and found a home for more of Charlene's miniatures.  These will be mailed to the west coast too, only further north than the fishing gear.



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You've been busy! Getting all of your "failures" out of the way during the first week of January is a good way to start the year!

I'm just now getting all of my Christmas decorations stored again, so you're way ahead of me.

Love your new favorite minis, and the flowers you created - they have a very lotus-y look to them!
And I can't help but think that Charlene would be so pleased with how you are spreading the love with her collection.


Ha! I can guarantee those won't be all of my failures.

I think Charlene would be pleased, too.

elizabeth s

Hi Keli

Re: the 144th Queen Anne house:
I consider you very brave in taking that final step in throwing out what you feel is not worth your effort in the end; a move which I equate to. a form of house-keeping for your mind.
The faux fur thatch is a Very Good substitute, and will no doubt be much easier to work with.
The peony experiments with the different papers are simply learning curves.
The adaptation of Nancy's Echevercia kits are a success! At first glance they remind me of a variety of tree peonies.
The wooden bots Guthrie and Julien appear user friendly
The french feves are all charming- by the way, I have that same pair of clogs too-
and finally,
I know that just as the Beautiful collection of Charlene's furniture will be Greatly Cherished by the new recipient, so also will your generosity of heart will be Blessed.

p.s. Keep going with your play day experiments and I can't wait to see your new thatched roof!

Nancy Enge

Suspicious of fake fur, but trust in your genius.
Try wet wipes to clean cutting mats after scraping.
1:144 is for masochists and others who enjoy tedium
Feve twins again: moo pitcher
The pink flowers are pure beauty. May I share?
Charlene is a Mother of Miniaturists (first of her name).


Nancy, of course you may share, but wait until you see them done first.


"I threw the whole thing in the trash can. Project complete" haha HA! Too funny.. I think we've all been there. :)
Love your flowers throwing the instructions away certainly worked for you.


I love the flowers, that color! Beautiful. Congrats on the completion of the 1:144 project. I haven't had the nerve to start mine.

I'm excited to see the fake fur as thatch. If you can't find anything let me know, I've got some white fur that's long and shaggy and with some rit dye it could work for you.


Hello Kely,
I am sorry there are so many bumps in your road right now. I hope things take a turn for the better.
Big hug


The best thatch roofs I've seen were made using faux fur. I'm sure yours is going to be a huge success!
Your echeveria kit bash looks like protea flowers, very pretty.
Wishing you lots of fun playing in 2018!


Protea...that's what Nancy said too. I'd never heard of them.

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