Still playing with flowers
faux fur Friday

Second bouquet

I made a second bouquet, to use up the rest of the big pink flowers.  Then I pulled the flowers out of the vases, mixed up some resin...vases with flowers and no water look weird...reassembled the bouquets, then left them to cure overnight.


The bouquet in the green vase doesn't look as good as it did the first time, it's lopsided.  But, in comparison to the other I prefer it.  It looks as if someone picked the flowers from their garden, whereas the one in the clear vase looks like it came from a florist.


Here, let me spin them around for you..




I had leftover resin so I filled a couple of glasses and a pitcher.

That is enough of that for a while, I need to move on to something else.  I will come back to bouquets, because I still need to figure out peonies, but I need a little break.

Speaking of peonies, Susan texted me a picture of a painting she finished.

Susan peony

It's gorgeous!  She told me it's from a paint-by-number kit she bought from Amazon.  I split-screened my phone and bought one while we were still texting.


Before I can start that I have to deal with this.  Ugh.


Husband is making a hearty quiche for brunch to fuel me.



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Beautiful flowers.


I absolutely love both bouquets. They're so cheerful.

Looks like everyone is cleaning/organizing today. Good luck! And have fun with your paint by numbers kit. Susan's looks gorgeous!


I love your new bouquets!!

Lol at having to clean up your craft room before you start painting!
I need to do that same thing, but painted out in the living room so the craft room couldn't guilt me into it.

Still need to go over the outlines with my Copics to add some detail, but I hope you have as much fun with yours!


The new flooring in the rest of the house has me scared to work outside my studio.

Jodi Hippler

Both arrangements are gorgeous! We tend to pick when we look at something too long...
Paint by numbers? Holy mole! She did an amazing job! I too covet one, though I can't justify any new projects after spending so much time in my own stash. Can't wait to see what you do with your version!
A man making food for you... Somebody throw me into a cold shower now!


Very well done with the flowers!

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