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garden update

There is not much of an update, I've been down with THE flu the last couple of weeks.  I'm feeling much better, though not quite myself yet.

I planted a corner of muskmelons.  The melons have been floating around my studio for a couple of years, I picked them up off the sidewalk at work, they fall off the oak trees in the spring...I assume they are baby acorns.  I used a seed packet Brae gave me as a label, I cut a slit in the bottom to insert a toothpick.


I then went on a frenzied search for the plant stakes Kat sent me.  It took me a week to find them.  I want to make plants to match the labels, so didn't want to progress without them...not that anyone will be able to read the labels since the font is so small, but I don't feel good and lack direction, and the stakes give me direction.


Sunflowers.  Okay, I've got a Bonnie Lavish kit for those that someone, don't remember who, gave me.  Maybe I pulled it out of a share box that was circulating a few years ago.


Ha!  This is why I stopped planting sunflowers in my real garden, they turn their faces to the neighbor.  Really though, this angle is looking from the back side of the garden, the sunflowers are facing forward.  I wanted to see the stake in this picture, which makes me think that I should save them for potted plants set at the front of projects, so the stakes can be read, or perhaps for the waiting-to-be-built half-scale bungalow.

(The tall plastic plants in the bottom right corner....Kat gave me those too.)

While I think about stakes and plants I'll busy myself with the rest of the fence, which I'm making from some metal trim stuff that Susan gave me.  I cut some posts from dowel this morning, dipped them in weathering stuff, and will see how they look tonight.


I keep saying "gave me, gave me, gave me"....this is turning into quite a community garden, so to speak.  So far Elizabeth, Kat, Brae, Jodi, and Susan have contributed.  I enjoy being part of our little community.

Ester says "enough with the camera already" "Hi!".




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Beautiful Ester!! And I'm so sorry that you've been suffering with the flu. It's monstrous this year! But you're still more creative while sick than I am on my best days. I'm loving your garden so far, and can't wait to see what kind of fence you're planning with that metal trim. I'm proud to be part of your community!


Aww... I love Ester! So sorry you're not feeling well. It's going around everywhere!

Be careful with that metal trim! Isn't that the stuff that cut up your fingers last year?

I love your sunflowers though!


I don't remember getting cut up fingers last year. Not by anything other than an occasional xacto knife slip, anyway.


I love how your community garden is coming along. :) how wonderful to have things on hand sent with love from mini friends. :D. I can so relate to the week long search for something. I'm searching for some bindels findings that somehow managed to find there way all the way from the Netherlands to Australia only to be lost somewhere between my study and my craft room. Lol. Your plants are all spectacular. I particularly like your lettuce. :)

Betsy Rogers

I'm sorry you have been suffering the Flu... I know Exactly how you feel... I am still a bit "wheezy" from time to time... I am glad you are on the mend! Nothing like planting seeds for a garden to lift the spirits... especially if they can bloom so quickly! LOL! The sunflowers look lovely and cheery! I love the way this mini blogland shares so willingly... your Garden will always remind you of your friends from afar! It is starting to look so Summery!!! :)

Jodi Hippler

There's nothing more disheartening than having mini plans get derailed by illness (says the girl who spent two entire miserable days on the sofa and is only now upright due to stubbornness). I hope you get feeling well enough to drag yourself back into the groove - that's what I'm aiming for!


I'm just about caught up with blog reading and was over the moon to see the final Horticultural Library photos after seeing glimpses for months. It looks amazing.
Kudos to you for doing so many plants...mot a favourite project of mine. Hope you're feeling better 🙂


Happy to hear you're starting to feel better! Seems to be going around a lot, I've feel like I've done nothing the past two weeks while trying to recover. This garden really is a great excuse to break out all those plant kits, the sunflowers look so stately. Love seeing everyone's contributions too :)

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