Wandering Spring
I dislike sewing immensely

Granny squares

I know I said I was  going to complete this build with nothing more than items from my stash, but look at these granny squares.


I envisioned them from the get-go, but can't crochet.  Thank you, Michelle, for the custom order.


You'll see the only thing I got done was cutting down the sectional (again), reforming the back corner into a curve (air dry clay), and upholstering.  The rounded corner was difficult, there are a couple of obvious diagonal seams in the straight sections, but the afghans cover them.


A Milo update... Kate's ex-feral kitten is a big marshmallow.



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Awww... Milo looks like he's very content.

And I love the granny square afghans! They're gorgeous. And a little purchase isn't so bad. Love your couch too!

elizabeth s

My mother used to love to crochet afghans but they were never as cute as these mini ones!
Michelle has done a Wonderful job with the throws, bed cover, pillow and potholders- I think I see a theme emerging :D


Hello Keli,
The Granny squares was well worth it...it looks beautiful. The build is really coming along.
Big hug to you and Milo


Kate is adorable, as always, and Milo is a fluff monster!! <3

This is a very interesting build for you. I'm enjoying watching, and love the tiny crocheted pieces!

Jodi Hippler

Oh the granny square memories! Remember beer can bucket hats?

The layout looks lovely! That sofa is an engineering feat to marvel at!


I would have broken the rules for the granny squares too. And the cat, if one could order cuteness online!


Is it ironic or fitting that my grandmas both made granny square afghans? :D These are wonderful to have, and I am with you on buying where to you need to keep your sanity.

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