Granny squares
Loft nest


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June Vaughan

I dislike sewing as well. I try to use Liquid Stitch any time I can get away with it! I don't even like sewing on buttons. I feel like it is too tedious. People probably think making miniatures is tedious too!

I love your quilt!



I love how it looks and can't wait to see the kiddo's bed in the loft.

I actually like sewing in general but it takes a lot of time and these days it makes my eyes water and my neck ache. So I'm with June, glue, Liquid Stitch, or just pin things into place all the way.


I'm team no-sew/iron on/glue only too but sometimes you have no choice! The quilt is beautiful, and I can help but think those little pillowcases look so lifelike. :)


Hello Keli,
You might hate it, but you do a really good job of it. the bedding looks wonderful.
Big hug

Jodi Hippler

I agree with Giac - at least you are good at the sewing, and the results are lovely! The scale is wonderful, too, and that is sometimes a hard learned lesson. You could hate it and suck at it, and that would really be frustrating! Glass half full! :O)

elizabeth s

I like the fact that your sewing resists gravity, which in my books, makes it Pretty Darn Good!


But I LOVE sewing. It's what I do best, even in miniature. Given how few people I've come across in the miniatures hobby who share my passion, I think you're not the only one who doesn't like needles and thread. Your bed is looking beautiful none the less!


Megan, if you lived close to me...or even on the same continent,...I'd be knocking on your door.

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