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5 posts from May 2018

Loft nest

I played with the pile of stuff for the loft bed long enough to decide I needed a life-size example.  Making an unmade, messy bed is more difficult than a neatly made bed.


I fashioned a pallet on the living room floor, then occupied it for a couple of hours.



After I picked it up and put everything away I took the mini pile back to my workable.  I've been fussing with it for days, needle sculpting folds, and sewing all the components together.


It looks like a nest.  I like it.



Granny squares

I know I said I was  going to complete this build with nothing more than items from my stash, but look at these granny squares.


I envisioned them from the get-go, but can't crochet.  Thank you, Michelle, for the custom order.


You'll see the only thing I got done was cutting down the sectional (again), reforming the back corner into a curve (air dry clay), and upholstering.  The rounded corner was difficult, there are a couple of obvious diagonal seams in the straight sections, but the afghans cover them.


A Milo update... Kate's ex-feral kitten is a big marshmallow.


Wandering Spring

Happy May!  Spring is finally here. In April Michigan experienced all the precipitations...snow, rain, sleet, hail, fog...temperatures between 7℉ and 76℉...thunderstorms, blizzards...there was even an earthquake.  It was crazy. 

I've been enjoying the sunshine the past couple of weekends  so haven't done much on the build. I've got a few little odds-and-ends in progress; the only thing finished so far is a wandering jew that I made for the front porch.