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Loft nest

I played with the pile of stuff for the loft bed long enough to decide I needed a life-size example.  Making an unmade, messy bed is more difficult than a neatly made bed.


I fashioned a pallet on the living room floor, then occupied it for a couple of hours.



After I picked it up and put everything away I took the mini pile back to my workable.  I've been fussing with it for days, needle sculpting folds, and sewing all the components together.


It looks like a nest.  I like it.




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I really like how that looks. Perfect for a kid's room. I think that's what my room looked like as a kid. Five or six dolls or animals, pillows askew and me sleeping sprawled the wrong way. My mother (of course) has pictures.

Not a lot of people can properly recreate an organic mess like this.

And I see a pillow I know!

Tiny New World

Oh, this is so clever! It looks great, so natural.

Jodi Hippler

I've never seen a better messy, recently abandoned and lived in bed - very artfully and masterfully done! The mix of pattern, color and subject bode well for a child's space. It must have been a strain to lounge around in that lovely living room during the research, but it was well worth the sacrifice!

elizabeth s

Your pile of pillows and blankets look as if its been recently enjoyed and vacated BUT ALSO like the young occupant is planning on coming back real soon. :)

Betsy Rogers

It looks Amazingly real!!! That is the perfect method for designing one... and makes me feel like a kid again just looking at it! Lol!! I Love it! We always made tents with our covers and played inside with the flashlight! :)


Hello Keli,
It was worth all the time you spent working on it...it looks wonderful!
Big hug


I love your dedication to research! But I would have got stuck at that step, and stayed in the comfy nest. Your mini loft blankets and pillows look awesome.

Drora Hed

It's such a beautiful mess!
Hugs, Drora


It's the loveliest messy nest I've ever seen! So realistic - I would happily plop down there for a nap right now. Well done!


Oh wow I love how you managed to get everything scrunched together and realistically messy! Not a bad idea to try it out life size first haha ;D

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