Loft nest


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But it looks so good!

Jodi Hippler

Well done! Looks great!


SO cute!!

I'm glad you're (maybe) finished sewing!

It’s looking good Keli and loving the colourful nature of it. I’m sorry you have to sew. Perhaps you could glue more? I tend to use glue a fair bit for mini cushions and bedding instead of sewing them. It’s Ok to cheat sometimes!


Hello Keli,
you may hate it, but the results are magnificent.
Big hug

Betsy Rogers

You might hate sewing, but you sure are doing a great job of it! All those colorful fabrics and granny squares look so home-y and comfortable and cheerful!

June Vaughan

You may hate sewing, but you have the fortitude to do it! Plus it comes out to be such a work of art!


It's so pretty!


So worth it, they add gorgeous pops of colour!

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