More sewing
Wallpaper and subfloor


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I really thing the new cuts for the windows will make it much more interesting. I like how it looks put together.

I'm sorry the work situation still stinks. I hope things improve.

elizabeth s

So sorry to hear that you're going through a Rough Patch right now Keli , yet I certainly hope your situation will improves as time goes on.
Meanwhile, it's good to see that your little house is making progress.

Nancy Enge

Well! Those are not the most ordinary of windows... but pretty as a spring flower.

Marilyn B. Hughes

I hope your work situation improves.

Where did you find the clamp you are using to hold the building together? I'm also doing the three gables kit and would really love to have a clamp like that.


Jodi Hippler

It's amazing how making a little mini progress, then sharing it with those who really get it, can refocus the unsettled mind. I encourage you to keep working, even when it's the last thing you want to do. It helps so much, but just getting started is the hardest part. Soon, all this work turmoil will be settled, and life will be clear and great again! Keep on keepin' on, Keli!


I really like the start of this! Those window cuts!!

Throw it in your car and bring it if you want to work on it down here.
I'm hoping for sunny weather for lots of hikes - we'll both destress.


Well done on your progress with the house! Don't stop working on it. My dollhouse is the place I escape to when RL becomes scary. I'm thinking of you and the job situation, especially since I unexpectedly started a new job two weeks ago. Can you be self employed? Freelancing has given me a lot of freedom.

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