The bathroom

Bathroom accomplished

Pictures, before I glue the room in place...




I should have dry fit the room to evaulate the view before I accessorized, because I spent a lot of time gluing tiny labels to beads to make bottles you can't see, etc.

This is the view through the bathroom window...




The view through the dining room window...



And the view through the kitchen window...


I'm going to reach in through the window with a pair of long tweezers to retrieve the rubber ducky then relocate him somewhere visible.  Not today though, I'm tired and hungry.

Overall, I'm pleased with the results.  My only (unfixable) complaints are that the mirror and clock are hung too high on the walls.  I can live with that.


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Love it! Looks so good! I especially like how the floor looks through the door.

June Vaughan

Love the sink that you built out of the dresser! Before I had read it was once a dresser, I thought it was an antique sink!


Love love love how this is turning out!

Jodi Hippler

Very clever use of stashed items! The peek-a-boo views are intriguing!

elizabeth s

Your compact bathroom is adorable and even more so when viewed through through the door and window! I Love the inclusion of your electrical outlet by the mirror - a practical and often over-looked detail!


Love how you really put so many details in here. The pops of colour are super fun and remind me of your initial design plan post with the little beads. I second Elizabeth's comment about the electrical outlets - the perfect touch! I think you must have made the long rectangle window yourself - and it's so cool! Fits right in that space.


Good eye. I cut down one of the kit windows.


Wow! Such level of detail it takes in building these little houses. Do you actually sell these once done?


No, I don't sell them, they're scattered around my house, on display.


Awesome result! :D

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