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Getting there

Not getting anything accomplished, mind you, but getting out of my funk.  I suspect it's due to a change in weather, it's been oppressively hot here the last two months, this morning it's cool, with lovely lazy thunderstorms.  Whatever the reason, I opened the door to my studio this morning.

A few pictures to share of new stuff...


A dear friend gave me fifty dollars months ago, when I announced my employment ending, with instructions that it was for when I wanted something and knew I really shouldn't.  Thank you, friend, it's spent.  :)

The rest of the new stuff needs to be potted up.



Nancy had me testing prototypes while she improved her succulents.  This is a new leaf shape, with multiple leaf sizes so we can make plants with smaller centers and larger peripheries, or we can make small, medium, and large plants.

These aren't shaped yet, so you can better see what I mean...


Kits available here.

Not in the mood

Work on the kitchen is progressing slowly.  I haven't been in the mood.  I want to hang the shelves, but before I can hang the shelves I have to make an extractor fan, and find where I put the stovetop.  Ugh.

I built the kitchen unit square but didn't assemble the house square, so had uneven gaps at the back of the counter.  I stuffed them with white air dry clay, which seems to have worked out ok.  It's a bit bright, but looks like caulk, so it fits.


I can always lean objects against the wall, if my homeowner collects,, let's say, cutting boards....


Cutting boards and bits from Miniatures in Theory.

kitchen fixed and the latest edition of Miniaturas

It's been a couple of weeks since I've posted.  The kitchen has been troublesome.  I painted the cabinets aqua, then white, then purple.  Purple looked good, but the surface at that point was too disgusting for the painted finish to look decent, and since the unit is glued in place it would torturous to sand.  I wiped as much of the still wet purple off as I could, fantasized about setting the house down in the back yard and setting fire to it, then walked away, closing my studio door behind me.


Eventually I came up with a solution I was sure wouldn't work, but it did.


This is nothing more than a piece of cardstock, with the doors drawn on with a fineliner, and some subtle shading done with a promarker.

Now I can move on.  My next decision is whether to install a faux tile backsplash under the open shelves that aren't there yet.  I think I'll go to my favorite rocky beach today to think about it.

Speaking of beaches.....the Tropical Beach House is now a Spanish centerfold.  :)


There is a lengthy article featuring in-progress pictures from this blog.  I'll have to have my daughter's bestie over for dinner so she can read it to me.