kitchen fixed and the latest edition of Miniaturas

Not in the mood

Work on the kitchen is progressing slowly.  I haven't been in the mood.  I want to hang the shelves, but before I can hang the shelves I have to make an extractor fan, and find where I put the stovetop.  Ugh.

I built the kitchen unit square but didn't assemble the house square, so had uneven gaps at the back of the counter.  I stuffed them with white air dry clay, which seems to have worked out ok.  It's a bit bright, but looks like caulk, so it fits.


I can always lean objects against the wall, if my homeowner collects,, let's say, cutting boards....


Cutting boards and bits from Miniatures in Theory.


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I know how you feel. My project has been stalled too. And I love that cat sign. I have a full-size one on my front door.


I agree! Cat sign is awesome. I know how you feel though, sometimes I just want to sit and do nothing but I know if I don't keep going I'll stop and not start again for six months.

I like how the counters look though, the 'caulk' is very authentic. Is there room for a tiny island with a two burner stovetop in it? That would save you having to make a fan. Or maybe directly across from the dishwasher?


Excellent collection! :D I like the caulking effect, very realistic.


Good idea, but no, Sheila, there isn't enough room for an island; I already tried moving the cart into the middle when I was futzing with the cabinet fronts in hopes that I could hide them. It looks like it will work until the table and chairs are in place, then it's too crowded.

Also, that's not a dishwasher, it's the oven. :)


This is what happens when I don't wear my contact lenses right away. I mistake ovens for dishwashers. Thankfully I haven't done that in real life yet. That would be bad.




My build is sitting in a primed heap under some textbooks keeping it flat. Waiting on inspiration.

Instead of an extractor above could you do one of those ones that pop up from the counter? Not actually make it pop up though. Bet it would also hide gaps


It's not that I don't want the extractor fan, but rather that I am too lazy to make it. I'll get it done today.

Jodi Hippler

The caulk was a great solution, and I hope you find just the inspiration to get you back in the mood!

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