Dinghy Dismay continued
The Winter Cottage


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Susan Reisner

Dang!! It looks so comfy! Love!!! Wishing you good luck. ♥️

Jodi Hippler

Only being able to choose four makes it so hard to show the entire scope of the build and still share all the incredibly realistic and clever details! Your winter exterior is among the best I've ever seen, and you really do get a feel for the layout with the interior photos. Hopefully, the viewers will be able to come to the blog and enjoy the entire process as it should be enjoyed. Good luck, Keli! And great job!

Sheila Lester

I love your winter exterior. And only four... arghh... husband goes on about that's not enough every year.

I really enjoy the view up into the loft. So inviting and fun!

Mad for mod

OMG! I love it!


It is beautiful! The color looks so good against the stark white. I hope you win a prize!

elizabeth s

Love the cold and dry winter scene against the Beautiful exterior colors of the cottage in contrast with the warmth and livability and all of that activity going on inside ! You really get a sense of presence and personality when looking at each of the photos.
Beautiful Work Keli!

Drora Hed

It's beautiful inside out! I wish you good luck and hope you win!


Hello Keli,
Those are terrific pictures! I really love this house and wish you the best of luck.
Big hug


I've missed a few posts recently so this is the first pictures I see of the completed interior. It all came together beautifully. And the outside looks stunning! I love your photo in the garden and I'm sure it's going to attract lots of attention in the contest. I, for one, will be voting.


Those interior shots!!! Wowsa! :D

Kristine Hanna

Just amazing Keli! I love the four photos you picked, they really tell the story of the cottage beautifully! And the cool light coming in really makes it look like a real interior on a winter's day. How cute is that coat on the chair?! It totally looks 1:1!! It's been so great to see this project come together, I wish you all the best in the contest this year!! :) I know you'll do amazing with this!


I love the ice on the porch! It says "Hurry up and get inside!" Don't know how you managed it! I also love the color of the house! It reminds me of my real house which is a teal color. My daughter-in-law had picked (who is in real-estate) the color because it resides in a historic district. I saw a similar one in Franklin, TN and it had a deep blue colored porch! Franklin is known for its poignant civil war battles, apparently some houses were very colorful! You have got to be one of the top contenders in this year's Creatin' Contest!!

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