Dinghy update
2018 Creatin' Contest submission complete

Dinghy Dismay continued

Sand was applied to the base after the first batch of cattails, then the second batch was glued in place.  I am using a mix of coarse, dark, Pacific Ocean beach sand and fine, pale, Lake Michigan beach sand.


I sunk a rusty coffee can anchor, just like my grandpa's ♥, and began gluing in lilypad stems.



The bases of the second batch of cattails were sanded, the third batch glued in, and the terrain elevated at the rear of the piece.


The lilypads are being shaped now, I need to decide on placement before I glue more stems in place.  I am planning to use one of Nancy's pointy leaved echeveria kits to make a few flowers, hopefully that kit is one I have already.


I dug through my stash on a search for appropriate wildlife.  I found a couple of butterflies and a duck.  The duck is a decoy so most likely won't be used here, unless he was left in the boat.


I am going to attempt sculpting some minnows and tadpoles.  Wish me luck.


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Susan Reisner

I'll wish you luck, but this is going brilliantly and is so impressive so far. Love it!

Sheila Lester

Wow the cattails are looking so good! Can't wait to see your water lilies. Poor little duck decoy, abandoned in the boat. Maybe a frog will keep him company.

Jodi Hippler

The rusty coffee can anchors are awesome!


"Dinghy dismay" to "Dinghy display"! It looks great. The way that the side is sprung from the transom, and the brilliant idea of sanding through the bottom really add to the realism. Well done.


I'm loving your coffee can anchors! This whole project is so much fun. :D

Kristine Hanna

So cool to catch up and see how this project has progressed! Love the new direction with the boathouse, and I'm in awe of the ways you've finished your dingys! The cattails above look great too, this mini vignette for your project is really sweet.

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