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Dinghy update

dinghy dismay

I won more eBay auctions than expected, so have three dinghy kits.  :D  I decided I would utilize one to experiment on.

The new glue I auditioned, Quick Hold, did not perform well.  I will revert back to the kit manufacturer's suggestion of cyanoacrylate adhesive (superglue), but will add wood glue where appropriate.


I dyed the wood before assembly this time, which I thought would aid in the sanding process (all pieces have to be sanded to fit during construction).  It worked wonderfully, I was better able to see where I was sanding, helping me keep straight, even planes. Aesthetically, I don't like the red paired with mahogany, so will have to buy different colors.

Now I am at the point where I have to decide whether to keep going with this dinghy (using superglue) and finish it to be grungy, or abandon the build.  A vision of it sunk, tilted, into a landscape of cattails and lily pads, has formed in my mind, perhaps I'll use it for that.

The dinghy kit is much easier than the skiff, as the frame is stable.  I look forward to building the next two.


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Jodi Hippler

You're going to be an expert boat builder in no time! I love the pre-dying idea, and maybe you could just dye the seats in blue or some such instead of the mahogany?


The image of it slightly submerged with reeds and cattails around it made me smile!

Sheila Lester

Love the idea of a sunken boat becoming a home for turtles and frogs.

Nancy Enge

This red is stunning. I see it hauled up on the sand, turned on its side as a windbreak, with an al fresco meal being prepared alee. Driftwood logs pulled up for seating. A lantern hanging from whatever those long side rib things are called :)


I couldn't help but notice the hammer placed conveniently close to the dinghy. I would much rather see you finish the boat as a derelict than have you use that hammer on it! Nancy's idea would be perfect on the beach near your prize-winning house.


This is the one that frustrated me. I haven't pitched it, so maybe one day I'll dig it out to try again. I love the idea of a boat in ruins. :]

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