Dinghy Dismay almost complete
Peapod part one


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It looks awesome! I love the water especially. And the lilypads and blossoms look wonderful!

Susan Reisner

WOW!! Incredible details in the water!! You're amazing!

Jodi Hippler

Once again you have amazed and delighted me with your creativity and vision! What an incredible display from the boat to the tadpoles! Simply marvelous!


I have so much catching up to do!
Any way to follow you by email?

Love the scene. So simple and yet detailed.
Nice Michigander Petoskey stone!


So awesome!!! :D The plants look so lifelike in the water.

Kristine Hanna

The water just makes it magical! I love how you can see right through! It's a gorgeous vignette.


That is truly wonderful.

Brandy Wilcoxen

Amazing work!

elizabeth s

This is scene is Gorgeous, Keli!!! I love Everything about it!

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