2018 Creatin' Contest submission complete
Dinghy Dismay almost complete

The Winter Cottage

Exterior full

Exterior full

Exterior full

Snow and icicles made with Woodland Scenics' soft flake snow and water effects.



Fishbowl by Miyuki Kobayashi


Granny square crochet throughout build by Tiffsniffer.


Leather coat by FIGLot, pink knitted scarf and hat, purple pillows, and multicolored afghan by Fabulously Flawed Minis, yellow and blue kid's sweaters by Sharon's mini knits, purple sweater and yellow hat/scarf/mittens on radiator by MinniesMiniatures.

Shelves coat

Shelves coat

Wall art by Nancy Enge, Vincent VanGogh, and myself.

Shelves coat

Most cutting boards by Miniatures in Theory.  Kitchen cart made from a kit by ELF miniatures.  Coffee mugs by April Wright.  Echeveria and basket by Nancy Enge.
Shelves coat

Basket from a kit by Nancy Enge.  Cat pillow by Brae Oktober.
Shelves coat

Teddy bear by LugartPetit.            

I'm afraid I'm not feeling particularly garrulous today.  Any questions?  Please ask.


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Sheila Lester

I love how it looks! All the details and I still love all those toys! But the cutting boards are great. You've layered on the details so well. There's so much to see.


That is where I would want to be after coming in from the cold!
So freaking cozy!

Those icicles are truly amazing - I wondered at first how you could have done that without using real water.
You've outdone yourself this time!

elizabeth s

I Love the lived in look of your cottage along with your playful mix of fun color blocks in the pillows, bedding and furniture. The winter clothing drying on the radiator, on hooks and/or hanging over the backs of chairs, give evidences of the cold outside and on-going activities and hobbies to help pass the time indoors.
Very Nicely done, Keli! :D
Wishing you the Best of Luck with the contest and a Very Merry Christmas too!


You don't need to be garrulous, the cottage has a voice of its own. I'm speechless about all the tiny details ;-)

Jodi Hippler

I am in love with the exterior of this winter cottage! Maybe it reminds me of my grandparent's home in Montana, because this color was often employed there to brighten the dull nine months of white ground and sky. Whatever it is, it makes me so happy to look at, Keli! The interior kept white was brilliant - every thoughtful and special detail can be seen and appreciated as though on canvas. I'm so impressed with all of the things you made, made use of in your stash, and in spite of a truly challenging year, you've captured a home filled with life and love! Excellent work, and good luck in the contest!


Really nice job! The details are amazing -- down to the slight haze of frost and snow on the front porch.

The photos are excellent, too!

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