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Catching up

It’s been almost three months since I’ve written a post.  Time flies.  I’ll catch you all up...

I started looking for a new career af the beginning of the year. Most good positions in my area are filled by word-of-mouth, not many are posted. Those jobs that I found posted had a very long list of responsibilities, with a very small salary (like, a quarter more than starting wage at McDonald’s small).   I finally decided that if I had to accept that significant of a cut in pay I would also take a job in line with that, so accepted a position as a cashier at a grocery store.

Fortunately, before I could fill out my new hire paperwork, a word-of-mouth opportunity came my way.   I am now with a company I like, in a position I fit into well.  It’s the same type of work I did at my last job (purchasing and accounts payable) but in a completely different industry,  with different regulations, and using different software, so I’m busy learning all sorts of new things.  It feels good to shift my brain back into gear after a few months off  :)

I’ll be back in my studio soon.


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Hello Kelly,
I am so happy you found a job that you like and I wish you all the best.
Big hug


Congratulations Keli! I'm really excited for you. I know you'll do great!

Drora Hed

Congratulations on your new job Kelly,
I wish you good luck and great satisfaction with your work.

Jodi Hippler

And a new chapter begins! Congratulations, good luck becoming an expert at all functions of the new job, and I hope you find the brain space and desire to get back to your creative endeavors soon!


I'm delighted that you found a job where you feel that you fit in. I hope that you will be very happy with the company. New challenges and stretching your brain are always good. As soon as you're settled into a routine we would love to hear more.

Betsy Rogers

Congratulations on finding a new job that suits you and you enjoy! The minis will wait while you adjust to the new work... and we will be here when you get back to the studio!

elizabeth s

a Belated Congratulations on your new job Keli! You are a very smart lady and no doubt you'll enjoy the mental stimulation as well as the new challenges which your work requires. Wising you All the Best on your new adventure.

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