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Notre Dame

There have been many horrific catastrophes throughout my lifetime. None have touched me as I was touched this morning, watching, on the TV news, Notre Dame de Paris in flames. 

 I believe that the me of 10 years ago would have acknowledged  that it is a building of historic and cultural significance, but that it is just a building. However, nine years ago I visited Paris and laid my hands upon her walls. I have stood in the light shining through the rose windows. Today I am in tears.

 I am not a spiritual person. When I visited Notre Dame, which was the most magnificent work of art I think I will ever experience,  I touched my hands to her stones and felt love pour into me. I felt the love of craftsman who toiled with care for centuries to make her beautiful, I felt the love of parishioners, worshipers, visitors. She is truly magnificent.

The only thing I have to ask of you is this, don’t underestimate that which is incomprehensible to you.  Have love in your heart.


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I love you. Big hugs.


Hi Keli. I feel sad too. There aren’t too many 850 year old structures anywhere in the world so to lose one is terrible, but the centuries of work and art and history lost is heartbreaking. I am not religious and we haven’t been inside but still feel the loss, especially for the French people. It’s a sad sad day.

Sherrill Necessary

Well said. We cannot take the icons of our history for granted.


I really felt bad about it, and then I started reading about all the people who are pledging money to help.

And how the video games that are set in in Paris like Assassin's Creed have tons of photos and references that can be used for reconstruction. And a professor used a new technique to determine how it was built in the first place.

The idea that a building older than my country has burned is terrible. But I like the thought that it can rise from the ashes.


I was horrified when I first saw the news. In the aftermath, it seems that fortunately the damage is not as massive as it first appeared and donations for restoration are streaming in. I've not had the privilege of visiting Notre Dame yet, but I hope to see the restored cathedral in my lifetime.


I am confident this is but a chapter in her long, illustrious, history.

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