Notre Dame
I’m back

Peapod part two

I botched the build a little bit, but thankfully not so much so that it can't be salvaged.  

I was so attentive to gluing the ends of the planks to the stems cleanly that I didn't pay enough attention to the middle of the form.  I realized about four planks later that I was not flush, and the only thing I could think to do to get back on course was to flip the planks on their sides to make loose contact with the form.

Once I got to the relatively flat bottom of the boat I flipped them back to the correct position.


Hopefully once I've finished sanding I'll have a boat shape made of wood, and that's all that counts.

I didn't take a picture before I started sanding the outside, which is going to be insanely more difficult because of the plank flip.  I had to stop sanding because I was making a dust storm in the air in the house; once it warms up outside I'll resume work in the garage.


I dread having to sand the inside.  I suspect I will need to glue additional stripwood or quarter round into the deepest steps so that I don't sand through the hull.  Or perhaps a combination of  sanding the highs and wood filler in the lows would be better.  I'll decide once I get the exterior sanded and can remove it from the form.



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It’s nice to see you back in the mini game. The shape of your boat is beautiful, flipped planks or not.


Maybe wood putty to smooth things out? Not sure if that would mess with the shape or not. I have zero experience with boats.


The mini gods are tormenting you for taking time off! Knowing you, it will look perfect in the end and no one would have guessed any difficulty.

Jodi Hippler

I wish you all the luck it takes! This is going to be a fabulous project and I am sure you'll make it look as though it was easy!

elizabeth s

I loved your dinghy amongst the lily pads and so I know that I am going to also love your peapod, as your work is always meticulously done and the finished pieces, a Delight to the eyes!


Hi Keli, Love the pea pod boat shapes. There is one at our marina painted appropriately green.
I am sure you will make some sort of little tool to make it easier to sand the interior. It will be worth while!
I also loved Notre Dame but have been to many old churches in Europe and always feel the weight of history in the stones beneath my feet.
Hope all goes well with your new position.
Regards Janine


That looks like an insanely difficult build. As you can see, I've fallen a bit behind with my blog reading. As I work my way up the list, I look forward to seeing how you solved the problem.

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