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I’m back

I’m afraid this is a rather lackluster pictures of anything I’m working on.  I’ve got a new (another new) job.  The one I took last March, which sounded like a dream job, was absolutely horrible.  I started looking for another almost immediately, and after an interview a week for six months, I selected another.  I am now working in the corporate finance department of my regional health care system; I’ve been there two months now, and love it.  The pay is less than I was making, but the responsibilities are significantly less, my coworkers are warm and inviting, and I appreciate, and am grateful for, the difference.

Today I started a massive studio clean out/clean up project.  I am giving myself a month to get it done, then will participate in next year’s Creatin’ Contest.  

I owe you a post or two regarding my home improvement projects.  I’m not sure if anyone remembers, or cares, but it seems something incomplete to me, so I’ll finish.  I have to login to an old computer to find the pictures, but I’ll set a goal to get that done before the end of the year. 

 One last note...I haven’t been commenting on most of your blog posts the last year or two, but I have been reading.  Blogger blogs don’t seem to like my Apple devices.

 I’ve been  posting on Instagram regularly during my blogging absence, as it’s quick and easy, but it lacks the text that is our connection.  I hope to do better next year.