Creatin’ Contest 2020
The conservatory reinvisioned

Contest kit planning

I’ve been playing with the contest kit...dreaming, scheming, doing the usual mental pre-build.

The side wall isn’t wide enough to contain the elements I need without crowding.   I was going to make it wider, but then it occurred to me that I could fit the elements on the other (wider) wall, if I move the dock to the other side.



Good.  Plus, the conservatory will sit next to it on the shelf pleasingly in this configuration.

I cut some planks to build the dock from a piece of wormy hardwood I delightedly pulled, years ago, from my brother-in-law’s shop scrap bin.


I think I’ve got the support structure figured out, but am still contemplating options.  While contemplating I played with bricks, experimenting with ideas.


Before I begin construction on the walls I need to make a decision on a roof.  More to come on that.

Oh!  I solved the problem of where it’s going to be housed after the build is done.  Last weekend I traded the bookshelves in my studio with deeper, industrial shelves.    They work great.



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Nancy Enge

I very much like your brick thinking. And that worm-bored hardwood is a treasure — even the grain is in scale.


I'll greatly enjoy seeing you develop this build! And the new shelving is super.


Thank you :)


Awesome shelves! I am liking the look of the dock and the bricks. There's nothing like having your space organized!

Sheila Lester

There are no words to express how much I love the look of your dock. Perfect! I can't wait to see more!

Jodi Hippler

I am so excited about what you are planning! This is going to be SO GOOD! That wood!!!


Hi Keli, So, you are off on a new mini adventure. I like the idea of a dock etc. Look forward to seeing more.


Oh, love that wood for the dock!
This is going to be a fun one to watch!

And those shelves are perfect. I bet it feels wonderful to have more room!!


Oooh that wood is just gorgeous! What a find! Seeing the wood and bricks laid down like that already brings it to life. It's looking great already!


That wood how beautiful!
I'm curious what you going to make!
have a nice day,
groetjes van Marijke

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