Studio clean up / clean out
Contest kit planning

Creatin’ Contest 2020

This year’s contest kit arrived yesterday.


This is what I’m thinking...


I won’t be using the pre-assembled stairs or the big window.  If anyone needs them as additions to their contest kit, let me know.

This idea has been floating around in my brain for a while, in varying iterations.  I’m glad this kit fits.  


I’ve got a great piece of wormy wood my brother-in-law gave me years ago that I’ve been saving to make a dock with.


My conundrum is this:  WHERE AM I GOING TO PUT IT AFTER IT’S BUILT?!?

I just got rid of three structures when I cleaned my studio.  I have one of Charlene’s room boxes still sitting in the way on my worktable because I don’t know what to do with it.  Ideas are welcome!


I have at least one too many structures in my bedroom...


Then I had an epiphany!

I can replace the secondhand bookshelves in my studio with a custom built unit, with deeper, adjustable, shelves.


I need to measure, sketch, plan, design....



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Jodi Hippler

What a perfect idea to create a boathouse with this kit! So apropos with the amazing dingy and other boat kits you've been making recently! And your proximity to a gorgeous lake or two! This will be a fun one to watch!
And Yes, Yes, Yes to creating shelves that actually work for you and the future display of your creative products! The size of our homes should not limit the size of our lives if we can just out think the limitations!


Keli, I can't comment on your project, but I can share a thought about shelves. If you have any reasonable access to Ikea, look at their Ivar line. The basic look is pretty utilitarian, but with paint, some plywood panels and a little trim you can really customize, and they are completely adjustable. Solid wood, very inexpensive, perfect for dollhouses in one depth; books and similar in the other.

Good luck!



Thank you, both.

Fran, I will check the Ivar out, thanks for the tip.

Nancy Enge

Am intrigued by correlations of EQUANIMITY and boats and those gorgeous curved doors.

Marilyn B. Hughes

I'm trying to decide what to make my kit into. I have a partial idea but I need to put mine together to see what the measurements are for the bottom floor up to the top floor. Also, I'd like the window if you still have it available. I think I will locate it where the small window is. That would work with my idea.



Well, shoot, you know you could sell a few pieces or even donate them to a charity auction for the tax write-off and the good karma, but the shelving idea is brilliant!! And I'm thoroughly morbid because my first thought for the contest kit was *gallows*!


Well, that roombox of Charlene's is utterly charming, I must say, even mostly empty. If it were mine, now, I'd say, "Honey, I really want this in the living room where I can see it every day" -- but, yes, a new, gloriously-bigger set of shelves in your workroom is another very good idea!

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