Contest kit planning
The conservatory continued

The conservatory reinvisioned

My original plan for the conservatory involved an oceanfront pier/dock.  Now that I’m using the contest kit for the dock I am reimagining the conservatory slightly.  I am going to build the conservatory and the contest kit simultaneously so I can landscape...seascape?...them at the same time.

I set the builds on my shelf, determining where I want which, since they’ll be pieces of a cohesive whole.


I did a quick dry fit of the conservatory, to jog my memory, then glued the roof frame together...


I’ve been playing around with the seascaping items I have so far....barnacles I made last year, some octopi, and teeny shells.  I have more shells, including limpets, on order, and Nancy is making me some rocks.  I’m in no hurry, I want to make sure it’s exactly how I want it before I pour water.  I’m also letting Nancy pour her water first, so I can learn from her process. :)  

I made a couple unsuccessful attempts at crafting sea anemone last weekend.  I have an idea to make closed instead of open ones, which will fit better anyway, since my seascape is going to be set in low tide.


It feels really, really, good to be engaged with a project again!


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Nancy Enge

Yay for creative project engagement! So stoked to see the synthesis of these two builds. Burke Boatwrights + Orangery.
And, best use ever for free weights.
As for the water pours… way to set expectations, thx/swears. I *think* I'll be up for doing the tiny water feature on Leadlights tomorrow. You’ll be the first to know :)


What a wonderful collection of items for this build. This will be fun to watch. It is wonderful that your new shelving allows you to group your builds to form neighborhoods. I see it also holds other special things. The crock of pigs caught my eye.

Sheila Lester

Oh wow, this is going to be so much fun to follow! I can't wait to see how your water goes. The barnacles are wonderful.

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