The conservatory continued
Checking in

The conservatory has a floor



I constructed it with authentic used bricks, grouted with spackle, put on some gray grunginess, then sealed it with a matte varnish.  It did not take as long as I suspected it would.  The only thing I wish I had done differently is stir a little gray paint into the spackle before I grouted.

Because I knew I would want to manage the randomness I made a decision to not look at any brick I grabbed from the bag.  It was a great opportunity to practice self-discipline.  Even when I grabbed the sixth (gulp!) light brick in a row, I just glued it down next to the previous one.  I am quite proud of myself.


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Sheila Lester

I really love how this looks. Beautiful work!

Hope you and your husband and daughter stay safe and healthy.

Nancy Enge

I love this floor too.


Well done! It looks fantastic! Your restraint with the randomness paid off! :)
Stay well!


Oh my goodness, I LOVE that floor, too!!

Jodi Hippler

It is a beautiful floor and I know what commitment it took to let go and let it randomly occur! It's the perfect floor for the conservatory and is going to make such a nice foundation for what comes next! Hope you're staying safe and healthy!


Wow beautiful floor nice patern you layed it!
Have a nice day,
groetjes van Marijke


It does look beautiful! I would have done the same thing, wanted to "tweak" the layout -- I find myself doing it with quilt squares and Christmas tree ornaments, to name just two. Your self-discipline paid off!


Oh very well done on the self discipline. The floor looks totally random and also neat and realistic.

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