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Working anyway

I decided that lack of a worktable shouldn’t keep me from working on the contest kit.  I chose some small tasks, starting with the rear wall.


I added height, blocked the window, and filled in the groove where the loft piece, or whatever you want to call it, is supposed to go.  I also put a thin coat of wood filler over the outside of the boat, to fill the slight gaps between a few of the planks, so I can start sanding.

While I was waiting for the filler to dry I steam bent some wood strips for the arched door of the boathouse.

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It was much easier than I expected.

Now I can make the rest of the door, then once that’s glued in place I can start bricking the wall.



Checking in

It’s been a month since my Governor issued a stay-at-home order.  I am fortunate enough to be able to work full-time from home, but the only suitable location to do so is my studio, so I haven’t been working on the contest build.


I very much enjoy working from home as compared to the office, primarily because I have a loud coworker who narrates her day.  The only auditory disturbances here are the blue jay’s morning staff meeting and the afternoon chipmunk territorial disputes.  It is calming, and so much easier to concentrate and stay focused. 

My husband is not working, so is cooking elaborate meals, washing dishes, growing a beard, napping, and talking about cleaning the garage.  Ester loves having a daytime napping companion.

As you are, we are limiting trips out of the house, enjoying some outside time when weather permits (it hasn’t much), and trying to watch some news, to stay informed, but not too much news, because many other human’s behaviors are terrifying.  Mostly I watch the birds through my windows, and am appreciative that I fortuitously stocked up on seed before the pandemic.

Thankfully all our loved ones are healthy, and I hope they remain so, though I worry, of course, about the future.  I hope all of you are safe and healthy too.