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I decided that lack of a worktable shouldn’t keep me from working on the contest kit.  I chose some small tasks, starting with the rear wall.


I added height, blocked the window, and filled in the groove where the loft piece, or whatever you want to call it, is supposed to go.  I also put a thin coat of wood filler over the outside of the boat, to fill the slight gaps between a few of the planks, so I can start sanding.

While I was waiting for the filler to dry I steam bent some wood strips for the arched door of the boathouse.

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It was much easier than I expected.

Now I can make the rest of the door, then once that’s glued in place I can start bricking the wall.




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Sheila Lester

Wow! I can't wait to see how your doors look in the walls!


Good job bending your wood. I’ve done that a couple times, the first was for the door of my Peachstone Cottage. The doorway looks great, but I’ve never been happy with the hinges I’ve tried. I’ll be curious to see what you choose to do.

Jodi Hippler

I am so glad that you are finding a way to work on the boat house! It already looks fun and interesting!

Drora Hed

Great job! It's good you have found a way to work on your project.
Stay healthy!
Hugs, Drora


Yay, exciting!

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