Peapod part three
Left wall revised

Left wall progress

I have been patiently and thoughtfully bricking the left wall over the last week and a half...I finished yesterday.


I also built most of the door...I have to stain it, fashion windows, and add a rubber coated bottom.  I have no idea if a “soft” bottom is realistic, but it makes sense to me, as boats will be gliding over it.

The bricked in windows and darker bricks around the door are meant to give the wall history, as if the boathouse door were added some time after the building was completed.  I will play with the color of the grout, as well, to make the darker bricked sections look newer.

You may have noticed the coloration of the bricks darkens at the bottom of the wall.  That is deliberate, as it marks the high tide line, where the bottom of the wall will be wet, and the even darker shadow under the dock.  Something you may not have noticed, since it doesn’t photograph well, are the lintels and sills of the bricked up windows...I will need to paint in some shadows to accentuate their depth.

This is what I mean....


I wish I had done the windows differently.  Now is the time to decide if I want to remove bricks to re-do it....before grout.  I will ponder the situation, but your opinion is welcome.



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Nancy Enge

Oh the left wall looks lovely, especially the dentil-style top detail. Is there a name for that in brickish?
Both window versions have merit, but I much prefer the asymmetrical one. Far more interesting :)


I agree, I’ve already ripped the bricks off, though not as far down as in the mock-up.

Cornice. It is a cornice, no special brickish term.

Sheila Lester

I do like the longer windows...makes it look a bit more like the door was added after a remodel. The darker bricks at the bottom look good. They'll look even better with your aging and the water.


I liked the longer windows too. Curious to see how you're changing it!

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