progress report
Right wall finished

Right wall progress

Progress on the right wall :)

I moved the door away from the corner a bit and put in a smaller window.


The siding is on and the wall is stained.  Nancy shared her “secret recipe“ for gray ;) 

The door and window weren’t very absorbent, but I’m going to accept them as they are.  Nothings ages evenly, including myself.


I attached the ledger rail for the dock... I didn’t wipe off the excess glue from the bottom edge, but pressed in green flocking.

 Next step...a bit of roof... it’s hard to explain, you’ll see.

I also fixed the rubber bumper under the boathouse door on the left wall.  You can see the difference from the first picture to the second.



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Sheila Lester

I think it looks great! I really love the weathering.

Jodi Hippler

Looking so promising and I love the crooked wood siding! Layer by layer this is going to be phenomenal!

Megan Wallace

It's looking stunning! Grey is a tricky colour to make. I'm busy painting some concrete plant pots; the grey is either too blue or too yellow with every attempt. Oh well, layers.
Leaving the glue to run and then flocking it was a genius idea!

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